Why to Test
  • Identify possible illicit drug or medication abuse, misuse or diversion
  • Detect medications that may result in drug-drug interaction
  • Reveal a patient’s use of multiple substances, both legal (prescribed and OTC medications) and illicit drugs
  • Communicate with patients about individual treatment plans
  • Support decisions about medication therapy
  • Improve efficacy, safety and treatment
Whom to Test
  • New patients you are considering prescribing a controlled substance
  • Patients who are already receiving a controlled substance
  • Patients who request a specific drug
  • Patients who display aberrant behavior
  • Patients in recovery
When to Test
  • When meeting a patient for the first time
  • When considering treatment with a controlled substance
  • Any aberrant drug related behavior observed
  • When there is a change in treatment
  • As a component of treatment agreements

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